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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

NBA is becoming more and more popular in Denmark - (Old Article)

NBA is becoming more and more popular in U.S, New York. NBA already achieved the most popular league's  in recent year. Thomas Bilde is one of the most prominent NBA experts in Denmark and we have taken a chat with him about the new season of NBA :

  • Which teams / players are you looking forward to seeing in the new season?

There are certainly several teams I look forward to seeing in the coming season. Firstly, it is clear that Cleveland Cavaliers be studied little extra, both as an expert but also as a fan game. Hopefully they can be just as entertaining as they were before LeBron James came to Miami. Chicago Bulls and Golden State Warriors are two teams I am also very excited to see. Both have gotten any size and looks really good out. With Bogut back with the Warriors and a good summer especially for Klay Thompson, so I'm looking forward to seeing how the pieces will fit together - not least under a new coach.

At Bulls have Rose back while have swapped Boozer out with Pau Gasol. A major upgrade and a player in the degree can help to tie the game together. The question here is whether it is enough to get an otherwise quiet attack to flow a little more.

Last will I have to mention the Dallas Mavericks. A few good additions and a last shot in the locker for Dirk Nowitzki. I am excited to see how it is with Tyson Chandler back, a happy Monta Ellis, a more experienced Chandler Parsons and Nowitzki to try one last time.
  • Who do you think will end up winning the East / West and why?

I am quite convinced that the Cleveland Cavaliers are going to fight with the Chicago Bulls to become the best in the East. And should I go with one team being the Cavs! I'm a little more in doubt in Western Conference where everything seems close again. The Usual Suspects in the form of Spurs, Thunder, Clippers and Warriors are enough to be promoting. But the latest injury put a little damper on my enthusiasm OKC. Spurs should be favorites to win the West again.

With Durant injured for a while, is the MVP so snug with LeBron James or what?
I am excited to see how Cleveland will play. For a pure playmaker in Kyrie Irving can be some of the pressure may be of LeBron James. An MVP title requires stable game over an entire season and that is probably why that landed on LeBron James and KD recent years. But players like Chris Paul, Westbrook, Tony Parker, Rose and maybe even Stephen Curry are players who can keep the level and sometimes poke completely. But yes, LeBron James may be the favorite but there are fortunately others in the league.
  • What are the NBA's new home at TV2 mean for the Danish NBA fan?

It comes first to mean that you get the opportunity to see a lot more basketball in Danish television. When the new channel starts up after the turn (d. Jan. 9) so it will be with 8 NBA games a week. Most of the matches is the middle of the night, but they will be re-released the day after the afternoon. So there will be ample opportunity to catch up on his favorites in action. Forward means it probably also to TV 2 with their strong brand and large machine can help to make the sport even more popular and thus may also help to pull the rest of the press's view of the sport.
  • Do you ever get tired of watching basketball or even a Bucks-Magic battle in January catch you?

Now is ever quite big word. I then fell asleep for a few matches, but it's probably more because I'm just tired than because I'm tired of basketball. During the season I hop as some fights over - and I make a point of watching the match the next day before I have seen the results.

Some matches I see from beginning to end and others, I see "condensed" in the first three periods and if it is close I go to normal. Now the Bucks and Magic actually two of the teams I might well find to jump over, unless I have not seen them yet. I do a lot to catch up on all the teams during the season. But the fight I come not to destroy circadian above.

But tired of the sport - NO!
  • All fans think about: "If I played, I was this play." Who are you?

I think that I would be a player who is a little too small for my position. I would probably be a shooter who wanted to play a little with his back to the basket. Without further comparisons so I'm probably about Boris Diaw. Hopper is not so high. Can shoot and hand. Is right in the heavy end and maybe a little out of position. Historically, and back to before I was too heavy, so could a player like Danny Ainge might be a very good match. A good shooter who dribbled a little too high and not covered too well up - but would win at any cost.
If I could be a player one day I would go with one of the athletes as Russell Westbrook, Dwight Howard or LeBron James  - just to try it ...

Thanks to Thomas Bilde. Remember to follow the world's best league on TV2 ZULU.

The blog is started again. All season we will follow the NBA in small and large. If you read last year, then you know that I am crazy NBA jerseys. Especially the little crooked or rare ones. So this year at Roskilde I took a few pictures of people with NBA jerseys on. People are always friendly, would like to tell where they got it from and you can have a good talk about basketball center of the square. Shot out to her the girl who had gotten Nick Van Exel Lakers jersey of her father when she was very young and still used it.

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